I was challenged this past Sunday to make a list of the Top Five Things that prove God’s realness to me, the Top Five Things that bring me to my knees. This list make look a little different for everyone, but here is that list, right now and today, for me.

I became a parent the moment her life began growing itself inside of me, long before I even met my daughter.  I was a parent and I began to know God in a more bright and huge and raw way.  At once, I knew His wild protection, as I willed myself to protect this little one.  I knew His fierce and fatherly love, as I would have given my life for her a million times over.   I knew His generosity as He allowed something to come from nothing.  He chose me to home and nourish and allow His creation to swell right under my heart.   And then — and then, I met my daughter, and later my son: and I knew.  There absolutely has to be a God.  Nothing this perfect, this warm, this whole — nothing like this can come from anyone or anything except for the most Loving, the most Generous and the most Good being in all of the world.  Only God could.
2) SKY.
I am fascinated by the sky and what happens there daily.  My instagram and my husband would back this up. I feel guilty knowing that so many days I miss the Artist’s paintings of the day: morning and night edition.   My dream home would be small and somewhere where I would be able to witness the sunrise and sunset daily, unobstructed — in all of its vibrancy and layers and giant, giant-ness.  How can you look at the sky and not know?  Nothing like this can come from anyone or anything except for the most Talented Designer in all of the world.  And for what purpose?  To bless us with beauty.  To remind us of our smallness and of His strength.  Only God could. 
I have lived on both coasts and now love my home of 10,000 lakes. My very first, just-married home was steps from a lake.  I love, love, love water.   If I could choose to be anywhere, it would be next to a lake, coffee in hand, breeze on skin and marshmallow skies above.  Water is so peaceful, so powerful, so pristine.  It is to be feared and to be enjoyed. It speaks of greatness — of something Bigger and Deeper and more Expanse that we can imagine or comprehend.  And only God could
I asked a group of friends at our home the other night to list their Top Five.  Answers like “the Bible” and “Holy Spirit” and “answered prayers” and “fulfilled prophecies” and something about science were shared, and those answers are fantastic.  But there I was, thinking and saying: good food.  Seriously.   Does anything more prove that there is a Creator who loves us and wants to nourish and delight us more than good, flavorful food?  There could have been another way to for us to receive the nourishment we needed, but instead: cheese and peppers and wine and lemon and coffee beans and sea salt and dark chocolate and rosemary and basil and tomatoes and not only does it feed us, but it fills us: with warm flavors and a reason for community and a sign.  Only God could.
Soldiers and parents and leaders and friends — people who give, expecting nothing back.  People who give when it hurts.  People who give of their feelings and finances and family.  People who bring children into their home, mothers who trust their children to others, orphans being brought into families, children taking care of their elderly parents, leaders choosing to serve their followers, washing of the feet, healing of the broken, fatherless, widowed, orphaned–those in need of hope.  And people willing to offer that hope, through their own sacrifice: blood, sweat, tear.  That, that, that: has God all over it.  Something bigger, something against our flesh, something else, from a deeper Source of power and humility and strength.  And only God could.

I could list 100 things that bring me to my knees.  100 ways God has shown His real-ness to me.  But, here and today: Top Five.  And now, I want to know: what are your Top Five?

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father”  James 1:17

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