Happy Birthday, Mum!
I am grateful for you, today.  I always thought I understood all that you did for us growing up, but that changed this year. I realized one thing: I really have no idea.  I could insert a lot of writing here about sleepness nights, and bodily fluids, and heartache, but I don’t need to, because you know it.  You know it well.  You know that motherhood is the hardest and best and craziest thing a heart can experience. So, for that: I’m sorry, you’re welcome, and thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Everyone is lucky to have a good mom, and some are privileged to have a great mom, but I am honored to have a mom who chose me.  Not only did you choose me, but you nurtured me in a grand way.  You have dedicated your entire life to us kids–our education, our well-being, our confidence.  I know there are days, even now, that it is still exhausting and hard, and you maybe don’t feel like anybody notices all the work you have done, and are still doing.  I notice.  I care.

Because of your example, I am inspired every day to be a strong and passionate woman.  I am encouraged to speak my mind, even when it isn’t popular, because I am confident in the truth of God and the wisdom you instilled in me.  I am motivated to write, and I hear your voice so often when I type.  I am driven to raise children who are smart and kind.  
Thank you for speaking into my life and helping me be a good daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother. You have taught me more than anyone else in my life. And today, I want you–and everyone else–to know that.
I love you and am glad that God has given you fifty-five wonderful years.  Here’s to fifty-five more! 
PS – This girl is pretty lucky to have you around too.  Happy Birthday, Grammy! 

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