Recently, I have been studying the power of blessing others.  The definition of the word “bless” is “to invoke divine favor upon.” To bless someone is to speak words that are large and powerful and true into their life, out loud, naming the the good you see in them, acknowledging and encouraging that good. And then, praying over them, asking for God’s favor on them.  

Cory and I decided we wanted to be parents who will regularly bless our children.  Every birthday, we plan to write Audrey a letter, telling her what we recognize in her and speaking virtues into her coming year, and life, asking God to bless her. We will do this out loud, in front of friends and family, publicly honoring her, her personality and qualities. 

Here is the letter and prayer from Audrey’s first birthday.


 Audrey Lauren,    

Happy first birthday! We have loved and cherished this first year with you. You are a beautiful little girl and we are excited to witness your life up-close as you become who God created you to be.  We already see so many great character qualities in you:

You are an observant girl, who really pays attention to what is going on around you and who is present.  We pray that these you will use this in the future as a way for you to recognize opportuities to serve others.

You are sweet and caring girl, who is always giving hugs and kisses and wanting to share things (especially your food) with others.  We pray that this becomes an innate part of you and looking out for the interests of others. 

You are a bright girl, who brings joy to others anywhere we go.  I feel like an ambassador of joy just strolling down the grocery aisle with you. Sometimes this world seems like a scary and dark place, and we worry about your future.  We pray that you will always carry this brightness, bringing joy and light where there is darkness.

When we were looking at names, Audrey was our favorite, and we love its meaning: Noble Strength.  Noble refers to royalty, as you are daughter of a King, but we want to raise you as someone who sees this as an honor, not a princess-type entitlement.  We pray that you become strong in the Lord. 

Your life verse is Philippians 4:8-9 which talks about how our focus should be on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. 

May you always reflect God’s character through the important and rare values of purity and loveliness.  

We love you,
Daddy & Mom

The Blessing at Audrey’s First Birthday



We ask you to bless Audrey.  We pray that she grows up to be a girl, young lady and woman after Your heart.  May she live out the values of purity and loveliness with excellence. We pray that she becomes strong in her relationship with You.  

We see a caring heart in her, and we pray that she is someone who loves the unlovely and observes ways to serve them.  We see a brightness and cheerfulness in her and we pray that she is someone who brings light into dark places. 

May her pureness always be evident as she reflects your character. She brings such joy into our lives and we pray she brings joy into the lives of everyone she encounters. 

We are so blessed to call Audrey our daughter and we are so thrilled to see her live out these values in her life. Thank you for this gift and may you bless her in the next year as she learns and grows.   


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