COFFEE (with you)

Picture your favorite coffee shop.  Now, open the door and walk in.

Stop.  Take a deep breath and inhale it: the harsh grounds, the spicy cinnamon, the mellow dough.

Listen.  Hear Adele’s throaty lyrics, the murmurs of conversations, the spit of the milk steamer.

Look.  See two suited men with black coffee and leather bound notepads, see a twenty-something  with laptop “studying”, see silver haired ladies with pastries, see kiddos with smoothies.

Now, I want to you order your favorite beverage (tell me it includes espresso, please), take a seat and chat.

I want you to feel comfortable here.

As we sit here across from one another, I want you see the compassion tint my eyes and hear the passion crack my voice.

I want you to feel free to share your thoughts and to know that I want to hear them.

I want to know your story, not just to share mine.

Let’s have coffee, here, you & me.

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